Wednesday September 18, 2019
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SPIN Farming
Watch a 3 minute video of how SPIN-Farming was used to create a model urban farm in Philadelphia, PA.
SPIN Gardening
Don’t want to grow for money, but do want to turn your plot into a significant food source? Then SPIN-Gardening™ is for you!
SPIN Makes Agriculture Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere

SPIN – A New Way to Learn to Farm.

SPIN stands for s-mall p-lot in-tensive, and the SPIN-Farming learning series teaches you how to take a backyard, front lawn or neighborhood lot to new levels of productivity and profitability that go far beyond traditional home gardening practices. Whether you want to farm professionally, or produce a significant supply of commercial-grade crops for your family and friends, follow the system that has already launched thousands of new home and community-based farm operations throughout the US and Canada.

Here are SPIN-Farming's Key Characteristics:

  • Production based
  • Sub-acre in scale
  • Low capital intensive
  • Entrepreneurially driven
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Close to markets

SPIN-Farming's systematized approach to farm learning has its own lexicon and gives you everything you need to start producing food that has all the nutrition of farm-grown and the value and quality of store-bought. Outlined in the SPIN guides is everything you need to create a commercial-level farm in months, not years:

  • A sub-acre scale farm design
  • A relay planting concept that produces a consistent supply of a wide variety of vegetables for the longest possible time without costly season extension
  • High-value crops lists
  • Investment needed for various scales of operation
  • Gear and tools list
  • Detailed day-to-day workflow
  • Professional grade harvesting and post-harvesting protocols.
  • A business concept, if you want to go pro
  • A brand that both growers and consumers want to support
  • Marketing advice
  • Revenue targeting formulas to produce steady cashflow

Here are the advantages to SPIN-Farming:

  • It is non-technical and easy-to-learn.
  • It is inexpensive to implement.
  • It eliminates much trial and error.
  • It accelerates progress.
  • It provides specific benchmarks to measure success.
  • It provides more control over outcomes and income.
  • It provides access to the self-taught SPIN-Farming community for training, support and mentoring.

Why SPIN's new approach to farm learning is needed now is because, while farming has had a long oral tradition, with knowledge being passed down from generation to generation, that approach no longer works because 1) several generations have opted out of the farming profession, so there is a lack of sufficient mentors and 2) the type of farming that is being practiced has not kept up with the times, so much of the knowledge base that is available is out-of-touch with current economic and cultural realities. So there has to be a new way to learn to farm, and SPIN provides it.

On behalf of all those in the SPIN-Farming community, we invite you to join in this new peer-to-peer learning experiment that is making agriculture accessible to anyone, anywhere!

SPIN-Farming’s Value Proposition

In farming you learn by doing, so the sooner you get an income-producing operation in and off the ground, the sooner you know how successful you will be at farming. Established agricultural programs costing thousands of dollars make farming more complicated and expensive than it needs to be for beginners.

Instead, purchase SPIN-Farming® Basics for $83.93 and SPIN 2.0 Production Planning & Crop Profiles for $69.98, join the peer-to-peer SPIN Online Support group, and start farming. You’ll get just what you need to know to start, without being overwhelmed by knowledge that is more appropriate to acquire later in your career. The money you save from not getting entangled in more elaborate programs can be invested in your farm infrastructure, which, following the classic SPIN approach, is simple and affordable.