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Here are in-depth how-to's on topics that SPIN farmers want to - or should - know more about. 

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#DD-1 Work Flow


 Preview (PDF 48KB)

Managing all the various farming tasks is a big challenge for sub-acre farmers. Understanding work rates, work sessions and work flow are key to success. Here's how to do it. Includes 37 photos.


#DD-2 The Multi-locational Urban Peri-urban Farm


 Preview (PDF 57KB)

Land access is not a problem for SPIN farmers. Here's how to create and manage a farm using scattered yards and parcels within a 20 minute drive of your home base. Includes 44 photos.


#DD-3 Quick Greens


 Preview (PDF 65KB)

While greens are the cash crop for many a SPIN farmer, Quick Greens are even more lucrative and not yet widely offered. Here's how to grow and sell the most quickly harvestable crop in the world. Includes 44 photos.


#DD-4 Rainbow Carrots


 Preview (PDF 68KB)

One of the reasons SPIN farmers are successful is that they are constantly thinking up new ways to make money. Here's how to turn the common carrot into a very high-value crop. Includes 40 photos.


#DD-5 Indoor Farming With Micro Greens


 Preview (PDF 96KB)

SPIN farmers are resourceful in assembling a land base, and they look for cropland not only closer to home, but in the home. Here’s how you can conquer the next farming frontier – your basement, spare room, or dining room table – with one of SPIN’s most lucrative crops. Includes 49 photos.


#DD-6 Working Productively With Volunteers and Interns


 Preview (PDF 110 KB)

Using unpaid help can be a huge productivity multiplier. Here’s how to run a program that minimizes your need to manage and maximizes worker output. Includes 31 photos.



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